Welcome to the Ontario Association of Library Technicians / Association des bibliotechniciens de l’Ontario

Volunteer Opportunities : Board of Directors

Are you interested in volunteering for a position on the Board of Directors of OALT/ABO? If so, we are looking for you. The following positions are currently available:Board of Directors Meeting


  1. Maintains minutes of all Board of Director meetings.
  2. Prepares and distributes agendas and minutes to the Board of Directors and Appointed Officers.

External Communications Coordinator

  1. Prepares OALT/ABO marketing and publicity.
  2. Acts a liaison between OALT/ABO and other library associations, Library & Information Technician programs and other library education courses.

Internal Communications Coordinator

  1. Disseminates information about OALT/ABO, issues and developments in library sciences and library technicians to Association members.
  2. Coordinates website, discussion list and salary survey

Chapter Coordinator

  1. Advocates on behalf of Chapters and Chapter members.
  2. Provides upcoming information about Chapter events to the Internal Communications Coordinator.
  3. Responsible for inter Chapter communication and  submits Chapter programming requests to the Board of Directors.


  1. Maintains a complete collection of OALT/ABO documents
  2. Maintains an inventory of the archival materials.

If you are interested in learning more about or filling any of these roles, please contact Vincent Elit via email at president@oaltabo.on.ca, or one of our social media platforms.