Welcome to the Ontario Association of Library Technicians / Association des bibliotechniciens de l’Ontario

Past Conferences

201845th Annual"Wonder and Wisdom"Belleville
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  • 201744th AnnualOttawa
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  • 201643rd Annual"Renewal/Reforme"Orillia
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  • 201542nd Annual"Connect"Toronto
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  • 201441st Annual"Initiative & Innovation"Kingston
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  • 201340th Annual"ACTION!"London
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  • 201239th Annual"Blazing New Trails/Découvrir de Nouvelles Voies"King City
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  • 201138th Annual"hot=chaud"Ottawa
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  • 201037th Annual"effort=success"Hamilton
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  • 200936th Annual"Possibilities / Possibilités"Barrie
    200835th Annual"Setting Sail"Kingston
    200734th Annual"Equi Libra"Toronto
    200633rd Annual"Voyageurs 2006"St. Catharines
    200532nd Annual"Survive and Thrive”Ottawa
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  • 200431st Annual"Phoenix"London
    200330th Annual“Network / Réseautage”Toronto
    200229th Annual"2002 & You"Thunder Bay
    200128th Annual"Focus 2001"Oakville
    200027th Annual"Turning the Page"Ottawa
    199926th Annual"Perspectives"Sudbury
    199825th Annual"Fulcrum"London
    199724th Annual"Transformation"Toronto
    199623rd Annual"A Delicate Balance"Collingwood
    199522nd Annual"Interconnections '95"Thunder Bay
    199421st Annual"Revolution Evolution '94"Mississauga
    199320th Annual"Reflections '93”Ottawa
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  • 199219th Annual“Explorations '92”Sudbury
    199118th Annual“Infowave”Toronto
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  • 199017th Annual“Pathways/Sentiers”Geneva Park
    198916th Annual“Kaleidescope '89”Hamilton
    198815th Annual“Rendez vous '88”Thunder Bay
    198714th Annual“Channel '87”Mississauga
    198613th Annual"Spectrum '86”Ottawa
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  • 198512th Annual“Nexus '85”Toronto
    198411th Annual“Learning more in '84”Geneva Park
    198310th Annual“Decade 1 Decennie”Sudbury
    19829th Annual“A new view in '82”Thunder Bay
    19818th Annual“Branching out '81”St. Catharines
    19807th Annual“Inforama '80”Ottawa
    19796th Annual“Dimensions”Toronto
    19785th Annual“Onward & upward”Mississauga
    19774th Annual“Moving right along: innovations in the library field”London
    19763rd Annual“Library technicians in a multiple job situation
    or 'I'll do anything, but floors or windows!'"
    Thunder Bay
    19752nd Annual“Information: the name of the game /
    Documentation: c'est notre affaire”
    19741st Annual“Impact '74"Toronto
    1973Founding Meeting"Where are we going and why”Toronto