Welcome to the Ontario Association of Library Technicians / Association des bibliotechniciens de l’Ontario

Presidential Award

The Ontario Association of Library Technicians/Association des bibliotechniciens de l'Ontario Presidential Award is presented annually to any full member, in good standing, of OALT/ABO (excluding the current Association President, members of the Award Committee and past recipients). This award recognizes the contributions of Library Technicians from communities across Ontario, whose leadership, commitment and persistent endeavours have contributed significantly to advancing the Association and our profession.

The OALT/ABO Presidential Award Selection Committee consists of the previous award recipient and two additional members, in good standing, of OALT/ABO. The Selection Committee will seek candidates who generally meet the following criteria :

  1. Member of OALT/ABO.
  2. Evidence that the Association has played a significant role during the individual's professional career.
  3. Demonstrated leadership in helping others achieve full participation in the library profession within the Association and / or within the work place.
  4. Outstanding contribution to OALT/ABO at the Chapter or Association level.
  5. Advanced recognition of the Library and Information Technician profession through publications, seminars, or workshops.
  6. Two members in good standing, who are not related to the candidate, may sponsor candidates for the OALT/ABO Presidential Award.

To submit a nomination, download the Presidential Award Nomination Form. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Award Selection Committee by April 1st of each year. All nominations are CONFIDENTIAL.

Presidential Award Recipients

2021 Barbara Cope (Ottawa)
2020 No recipient
2019 No recipient
2018 No recipient
2017 Sharon Wigney
2016 Michael David Reansbury
2015 No recipient
2014 Kate Morrison
2013 No recipient
2012 Maria Ripley (Halton-Peel)
2011 Doug Willford (Halton-Peel)
2010 Linda Landreville (Ottawa)
2009 Tracy Morgan (Halton-Peel)
2008 Vicky Lynham (Halton-Peel)
2007 Maggie Weaver (Toronto)
2006 Penni Chalk (Toronto)
2005 Jill Anderson (Huronia)
2004 Pam Casey (Halton-Peel)
2003 Nanci Abbondanza (Halton-Peel)
2002 Pat Henry (Huronia)
2001 No recipient
2000 Marian Doucette (Huronia)
1999 Janet Scheibler (Huronia)
1998 Marg Bushell (Huronia)
1997 Susan Bourdeau (Ottawa)
1996 Susan Morley (Halton-Peel)
1995 Marsha Hunt (Halton-Peel)
1994 Judy Koenig (Huronia)
1993 No recipient
1992 Linda Davis (Sudbury)
1991 Janet Iles (Huronia)
1990 Bette Gore (Sudbury)
1989 Pat Graham (Ottawa)
1988 LaRae Moody (Thunder Bay)
1987 Paulette Burton (Sudbury)
1986 Sue Weaver (Halton-Peel)
1985 Liz Aldrey (Huronia)
1984 Danielle Amat (Ottawa)