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Canadian Library Month / Mois des bibliothèques au Canada

Canadian Library Month

Canadian Library Month
Mois des bibliothèques au Canada

October is Canadian Library Month! All month long, libraries and library partners across Canada are raising awareness of the valuable role libraries play in Canadians’ lives.

More than just a place to find books, libraries promote cultural awareness, engage in the community, provide educational programs, support freedom of expression and so much more. #canadianlibrarymonth #onecard #onemillionpossibilities #CLM

See: https://librarianship.ca/blog/clm-fnplw-slw-oplw-2022/ for promotional materials.

First Nations Public Library Week 2022

First Nations Public Library Week

October 03 to October 07, 2022

This week, we are proud to recognize First Nations Public Library Week. It is not only an opportunity to promote public library services but also to celebrate cultural uniqueness through creative library programming.

This year’s theme is Bekaa, Bzindaachagan | Wait and Listen. Bekaa is a command that is told to people who are being impatient or brash. The act of waiting and listening to what someone has to say is a form of respect and offers listeners the opportunity to learn new perspectives. Bekaa, Bzindaachagan | Wait and Listen is a reminder for us to enrich our lives by listening to others imparting knowledge, perspectives, and history.  #FNPLW

See: https://resources.olservice.ca/fnplw/2022

Canadian Library Workers Day 2022

Canadian Library Workers Day
Journée canadienne des employés des bibliothèques

October 21, 2022

CLWD is a day for Canadians to recognize the valuable contributions made by all those who work in and for the public, academic, school, government, academic, corporate and private libraries that are integral to our communities.

See: https://cfla-fcab.ca/en/programs/cdn-library-month/

Ontario Public Library Week 2022

Ontario Public Library Week
Semaine des bibliothèques publiques de l’Ontario

October 16 to October 22, 2022

Ontario Library Association (OLA) is excited to be the provincial coordinator for Ontario Public Library Week. As the coordinator, OLA provides public libraries and public library supporters with various promotional resources for Ontario Public Library Week. #OPLW

See : https://accessola.com/ontario-public-library-week/

Canadian School Library Day
Journée nationale des bibliothèques scolaires canadiennes

October 24, 2022

Canadian School Library Day celebrates the central role that school libraries play in the education and development of young people.

See: https://www.canadianschoollibraries.ca/csld/