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44th Annual General Meeting / 44e Assemblée Générale Annuelle

Saturday May 13, 2017 / le samedi le 13 mai 2017
Algonquin College
11385 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2G 1V8


1. Call to Order/Appel à l’ordre

Meeting called to order at 12:04 p.m.
Quorum: Require 18 people for quorum: 11 proxies, 23 members were present. Quorum was met.
The meeting was Chaired by Interim President, Jessica Reeve, Parliamentarian, Linda Landreville, Recording secretary, Vincent Elit/Carolin Toppan.

2. Adoption of the Agenda of the 44th Annual General Meeting/
Adoption de l’ordre du jour de jour de la 44e assemblée générale annuelle.

No additions or changes to the Agenda. Motion to adopt the Agenda by Kerry McCauley, seconded by Barbara Cope, to adopt the Agenda as circulated.
Motion – Carried.

3. Adoption of the Minutes of the 43rd Annual General Meeting/
Adoption du procès-verbal de la 43e assemblée générale annuelle.

Other than typographic errors the following changes, corrections should be done to Minutes:

Barbara Cope, Section 4a – some of the document have not yet been sent out. Under section 5- 7th point, salary survey results not sent out. There was supposed to be an update on the liability insurance. Jessica Reeve responded that an update will be sent out to members.

Pam Casey, in future, I would appreciate if you can put page numbers on the bottom of each page.

Tracy Morgan, in the Minutes of this meeting, the points Barbara raised would go into unfinished business of the meeting.

Moved by Ann Censner, seconded by Pam Casey to adopt the Minutes from the 43nd Annual General Meeting with the corrections.
Motion – Carried

4. Reports/Rapports

The Association’s By-laws require that three Board members prepare reports for the Annual General Meeting: The President reports on the Association’s activities during the previous year, the Treasurer on the overall financial well-being of the Association, including membership. Finally, the Conference Coordinator reports on financials related to the annual conference as this is the single largest expense the Association bears.

a. Board of Directors/Conseil d’administration

i. President/Présidente

The report was slightly added to earlier this week. Jessica Reeve read the President’s report for those who had not had a chance to read the report.

José Gélinas, on the second page, second paragraph the name Elit is spelled wrong and on cover page it should read Rapport du la Présidente.

ii. Treasurer/Trésoière

Lori O’Connor presented the Treasurer’s Report.
Bank reconciliation form for end of the year shows balance of $33,058.55.
Outstanding cheques are listed in table are subtracted from the balance.
The 2016 amount will be changed to show $38,422.47 which is the bank balance + the GIC.
Member fees $6496.80 this year, Chapter fees were $948.00
Total expenses for the year $20,045.00.
Pam Casey asked that a corrected version once it is available be sent out to membership.

Membership statistics are also on the report. We received $7480.80 in membership fees. 134 individual memberships and 71 group members.
Liz Aldrey – Fees were slightly down because of group rate.
Barbara Cope – this format is fantastic for a second year.
Carmen Cayen – mentioned credit cards, have we tried PayPal? We did look at PayPal but it is more expensive. Lori is investigating the ability for us to pay via emailing. We are going to ask banking about emailing and about transfers
Liz Aldrey– Is there a way to look at e-transfers?
Susan Morley – Keep in mind that there may be vendors that it might not be available for. We might have to test it out.
Liz Aldrey– We might have to consider using the Cube, it is wireless in your phone. Works the same as a credit card but you aren’t charged for the transaction.
Jessica Reeve– we still had the form available on the web.
Shelby McEachern – If we do go the e-transfer route might e-transfer be available for Conference?
Lori O’Connor – yes it might be.
Jessica Reeve – We will investigate all options and will forward information once it is available.

iii. Conference Report/ Rapport de conférence

The 44th annual Conference was held May 10-13, 2017 at Algonquin College in Ottawa. The Conference Committee included Jessica Reeve as Conference Coordinator, Vincent Elit & Shelby McEachern. Would like to thank Emily Farrell for her assistance. As of May 9, we had 51 people registered and we have collected $10,500. Further revenue was received in the amount of $1200 in sponsorship from Mohawk, Seneca and Algonquin Colleges. In kind sponsorship was received from Charles Sturt University, Canadian Manda Group and Wintergreen. Expenses to date from Algonquin were $6,075.33. Other expenses for bags, bus for tours, food for hospitality suite, speakers thank you gifts are $1963.82.
Once all totals are in an update will be sent out.
Barbara Cope- with only three members organizing the Conference it was a great Conference. Thank you.

Motion to adopt all three Board reports as written and presented. Moved by Shelby McEachern, seconded by Susan Morley to receive the Conference Coordinator’s report.
Tracy Morgan and Penny Chalk voted against the reports.
Motion – Carried.

b. Committees/ Comité

i. Presidential Award / Prix du président

Nominations were received by the committee but the work has not yet been completed.
Michael David submitted members, and the committee is being struck, to award the recipient.
Susan Morley – If there is a difficulty, there are several past award winners, who could be members of the committee, as long as they did not nominate someone.

ii. Award for Innovation/ Prix pour l’innovation

The Board did not receive any nominations for the Award of Innovation and such no committee was struck.

iii. Nominating Committee/Comité des candidatures

No nominations were received. At this point we are going to open to the floor for nominations:

Liz Aldrey has agreed to do the nominations and elections.
President – no one standing
President Elect – no one standing
Treasurer – Lori O’Connor has agreed to stand
External Communications Coordinator – Kelly Sobie has agreed to stand
Internal Communications Coordinator – Katherine Butler has agreed to stand
Conference Coordinator – no one standing
Chapter Coordinator – no one standing

Carolin Toppan would like to nominate Vincent Elit, seconded by Barbara Cope.
Any other nominations?
Motion to close the nomination: Kerry McCauley, seconded by Shelby McEachern
Vincent Elit accepts the nomination.

Vincent Elit nominates Carolin Toppan, seconded by Pam Casey.
Any other nominations?
Motion to close the nomination: Susan Morley, seconded by Margaret Bushell
Carolin Toppan accepts the nomination.

Lori O’Connor will stand; official nominations have to be done. Any nominations from the floor?
No nominations from the floor, if no objection, Lori O’Connor will continue.
Motion to close nominations: Kerry McCauley, seconded by Barbara Cope.
Congratulations to Lori.

External Communications Coordinator
Kelly Sobie will stand, official nominations have to be done. Any nominations from the floor?
No nominations from the floor, if no objection, Kelly Sobie will continue.
Motion to close nominations: Pam Casey, seconded by Shelby McEachern.
Congratulations to Kelly.

Internal Communications Coordinator
Katherine Butler is willing to stand, through her proxyholder.
No other nominations
Motion to close nominations: Ann Censner, seconded by Carolin Toppan.

Conference Coordinator
Any nominations –
Left the position vacant.
Motion to close of nominations: Barbara Cope, seconded by Susan Morley.
All in favour. Motion passed.

Chapter Coordinator
Barbara Cope would like to nominate Shelby McEachern, seconded by Ann Censner.
Any other nominations?
Motion to close the nominations: Kerry McCauley, seconded by Gislaine Hamelin
All in favour.
Shelby accepts nomination.

Motion to adopt the committee reports: moved by Ann Censner, seconded by Shelby McEachern.
All in favour.
Motion – Carried.

5. Unfinished Business/Affaires en suspens

As we discussed previously, Salary Survey and Liability insurance, which still needs to be looked into. There were some specific questions as to what was being covered by the insurance.
Lori O’Connor – we do have a copy of the policy. It will be forwarded to members once done.

6. New Business/Affairs nouvelles

Pam Casey – For all of you, Pam was the Conference Coordinator last year, where we had a plenary, it was a good opportunity to bring to all of you. The report will be available in the members only section of the website. It was a really eye opener. We had two themes – Communication and Professional Development. The main there that went through all was communication. Members want to hear what is going on, different methods, at least once of a month, blogs and twitter. PD – Want to have a yearly conference, more webinars, and finding partnerships with other Library Organizations to share resources. Want virtual sessions.

Pam Casey – This plenary should be run every year, Sharon Doyle and Pam discussed, to see if we have themes that go forward each year. Doing plenary questions, allows the Board to hear what members want/need.

Sharon Doyle – Would like it to be incorporated, have a core group of questions that are asked each year, these questions created from the Executive to get feedback. Have a core group of questions, providing something to measure, and can add a theme as well.

Ann Censner – Do we have a Conference manual? Pam and Sherry took it upon themselves to write the manual. Pam will be working on it and will forward to the board for approval.

Kerry McCauley – Wondering if by chance, that it could be considered that on the closing day of the Conference, have two events separated into one-time slot, which would help for checkout.

Susan Morley – You had mentioned in the President’s report about a meeting to consider about the Toronto Chapter. Jessica Reeve – There are not results as such, we were trying to continue to have a conversation, as there are quite a number of members. They are not currently active, do not have By-laws, and sent communication. Either in person or on email. There are there plans to follow-up, it is being worked on
Tracy Morgan – Part of the issue, is that the Constitution, if part of the investigation is updating the document. Tracy would help.
Carolin Toppan – This has been a two-year process, did discuss even though we have sent out emails and meetings, we only had 4 responses. Perhaps our next step is to send out letters to members of the Chapter, set up a meeting & do a vote to shut down the Chapter.
Jessica Reeve – Part of the problem has been that our membership year runs January to December while the Executive year runs May to April. We had a meeting and realized that the membership was changing so we couldn’t do anything at that point.
Tracy Morgan – it’s the Constitution 6d that talks about Chapter dissolution. These Chapters are not having AGM’s so it is my understanding we could put a motion on the floor to have a vote to shut it down.
Vincent- we are tied to what the Constitution says. The Ontario Business Corporations Act does specify it must come from the Chapter itself.
Tracy Morgan – There is a hole in the guiding document. We have the two guiding documents. Have they been updated? Tracy volunteers to help update them.
Liz Aldrey – The structure needs updating. There are Chapters that are virtually defunct, so it might be a motion at the next AGM, for a change in constitution, to give as an alternative to give the organization a means to dissolve a Chapter.
Vincent Elit – we have also been looking at the act that may be come into force Not for Profit Business Corporations Act which does have certain things that could potentially affect how things are written.
Shelby McEachern – Can we have a deadline set to get this done?
Lori O’Connor – Can there be special meeting to change the Constitution?
Tracy Morgan – it can be done any time via a special meeting or a mail-in vote?
Pam Casey – if it is done online we can get members voting who don’t come to meetings.
Carolin Toppan – we also discussed last year at the AGM that different activities can be run even if there isn’t a Chapter to officially hold it. Members can approach the Board for funding for an event.
Gislaine – It sounds like we want to update the Constitution. How do we proceed? Do we send out a call, set a date? Can a motion be approved to proceed?
Liz Aldrey – Can a committee be struck Constitutional Review by the Board?
Liz Aldrey makes a motion to strike a Constitutional Review committee, seconded by Pam Casey. All in favour, Kerry is opposed. The motion is carried. The committee is struck. Tracy Morgan is Committee Chair, Pam Casey, Carolin Toppan and Shelby McEachern are members of the committee.

Ann Censner was disappointed that there was nothing at the booth. Would like to make a motion to instruct the External Communications Coordinator to have a promotional product for events, or conferences, with necessary funds. Tracy Morgan seconds the motion.

Nancy-Ann Brethour agrees with Ann. The Association needs to get out the information about what we are willing to do for you once you graduate. Had heard about the Association but was not sure what it was the association did. We already do posting but get some promotional materials that can be displayed at meetings. To make them know who they are.
Carmen Cayen – Mentioned this morning, she sat by someone on the bus who did not know that there was a Conference going on. Maybe we need to contact public libraries, or government libraries, that there is this Conference going on, to inform them that it is for Library Technicians. They can register as a member, or Conference.
Ann Censner- we need to get information about the Conference out to more than just our members.
Pam Casey – This is part of the responsibility of the External Communications Coordinator. These comments should go to her and the Board could talk about the ideas.
Kerry McCauley– When we were doing the library tour a couple of times we were asked who the group was and why library technicians would go on a tour of the library?

Tracy Morgan- Can we have Ann’s motion read back to us to vote on it?
Ann Censner- Would like to make a motion to instruct the External Communications Coordinator to have updated promotional products available for events, or conferences, with necessary funds. Seconded by Tracy Morgan.
All in favour.
Motion carried.

Liz – Suggestion, one of the biggest problems is getting information out to people so if anyone has ideas, for communicating with the library community, to bring it forward to the Board, or the External Communications Coordinator.

Shelby McEachern – Sometimes the website is not often updated, to get general ideals available.

7. Acknowledgement of the outgoing Board of Directors/
Remerciements aux membres sortants du conseil d’administration

At this point the membership has the pleasure of thanking the members of the 2016/2017 Board, who have served the Association so well in the past year.

I would like to personally thank the Board for their efforts over this past year and on behalf of the Association give those Board members who were not present at last night’s celebration a token of gratitude.

Thank you to: Jessica Reeve, Carolin Toppan, Lori O’Connor, Kelly Sobie, Katharine Butler, Sara Faulhafer, Jillann Rothwell, Katie Schedlich.

8. Appointment of Board of Directors/Nominations du conseil d’administration

Present: Vincent Elit
President-Elect: Carolin Toppan
Treasurer: Lori O’Connor
External Communications Coordinator: Kelly Sobie
Internal Communications Coordinator: Katherine Butler
Conference Coordinator: vacant
Chapter Coordinator: Shelby McEachern

Moved to accept the slate of directors: Ann Censner, seconded by Gislaine Hamelin
Motion – Carried.
Appointed officers will be appointed at the first meeting Board meeting.

9. Thanks to Conference Committee/
Remerciements au comité d’organisation de la conférence

I’d like to thank those members that volunteered over the past three days of Conference and to all the volunteers for your efforts.

10. Future Conferences/Prochaines conférences

At this time there are no plans for a Conference in 2018.
Will move forward and send an update on location and a potential date.

Any other business at this time?

11. Adjourned/Ajournement

Call to close. Moved by Pam Casey to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Liz Aldrey.
Motion – Carried. The 44th Annual General Meeting of OALT/ABO is hereby adjourned at 1:32 p.m.