Welcome to the Ontario Association of Library Technicians / Association des bibliotechniciens de l’Ontario

November 2017 Update

Dear Members of OALT/ABO,

The Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to provide you with part 1 our November 2017 update. This update will highlight some of the work that we have done in the last couple of months.

Table of contents

Conference 2018

2018 OALT/ABO Save the Date


As discussed in our last update, the print version of the publication NewsLETTER/NouvELLES was discontinued. Submission details are now available here: https://oaltabo.on.ca/newsletter-nouvelles/call-for-submissions/. We encourage submissions from all members.
Articles can be sent to us at info@oaltabo.on.ca, or directly through the webform on our website. These are published all year around.
Updates are always available on our website: https://oaltabo.on.ca/news-events/
You can also subscribe to these updates via RSS using your favourite RSS Reader. The link is https://oaltabo.on.ca/news-events/feed/.

Membership Directory

The 2017 edition of the OALT/ABO Membership Directory is now available in the “Members Only” section of our website. Login with your username and password, and navigate over to this page: https://oaltabo.on.ca/members-membership-directory/.

Changes to the OALT/ABO Board

Please find linked below the two announcement about changes to the Board of Directors:
Resignation of the Internal Communications Coordinator (dated September 28)
Appointment of the Internal Communications Coordinator (dated October 22)

Events from the Ottawa Chapter/Section d’Ottawa

Live Well, Work Well – November 18, 2017

For additional details, please visit the Chapter’s website, or contact them at ottawa@oaltabo.on.ca.

2018 Award Nominations now being accepted

Nominations for the 2018 Presidential Award and the Award for Innovation are now being accepted. Details can be found at https://oaltabo.on.ca/awards. Submissions will be accepted by email at info@oaltabo.on.ca. The due date is April 1, 2018.

If you have any questions, or would like to contact any member of the Board or Committees at any time, we can all be reached by email at info@oaltabo.on.ca. All email requests will be forwarded to the appropriate point of contact.